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Health Screenings Day

2017-08-14 All day

Part of the incredible value Health Centers bring to their patients and community is by providing critically important health screenings like; mammograms, colorectal screenings, blood pressure tests for hypertension, diabetes and many more. Health Centers often work with key partners in the community, like the American Cancer Society to connect patients with invaluable resources and support to keep them healthy and cared for. Consider hosting one of the following events in recognition of Health Screening Day this year:

  • Health Screening Day – work with the American Cancer Society or other community partners to provide an array of health screenings all in one day at your health center.
  • Submit a Letter to the Editor or Opinion Editorial to Your Local Media Outlet – use the NACHC media templates to educate your community about the importance of health screenings, the good work of the health center in caring for the community, and any positive outcomes you can point to as a result of this important work.
    • Are you working with the American Cancer Society on your health screenings? Use the NACHC-ACS media templates to showcase this important partnership and the success and power of your work together in the community.