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CVHN serves more than 100 community health centers.
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Central Valley Health Network is a Covered California Outreach, Education and Enrollment Partner. Contact our office for assistance in the Central Valley.
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Workforce Development

The recruitment and retention of highly qualified health care professionals is a primary focus of CVHN’s workforce development program. The program supports our community health center members in their work to serve the needs of the diverse and medically underserved population throughout the greater Central Valley.

The Central Valley faces health care workforce shortages at a much higher concentration than other California regions.  These shortages include a significantly lower number of primary care and specialty physicians in comparison to the California rates.  In addition, although the unemployment numbers in the region are high, the Valley is lacking in an adequately prepared workforce to meet the increased skill demands needed in the post health care reform health center.

To address these issues, CVHN partners with its member health centers on a variety of workforce development issues including: strengthening pipeline programs, connecting health centers to the resources needed to up-skill their workforce, and supporting provider recruitment and retention efforts.

CVHN informs key stakeholders throughout the state on the workforce issues facing the Central Valley. To bring the necessary resources to the region, CVHN actively works with these important groups:

Connecting healthcare professionals, at all levels, to careers in community health is critical to improving the workforce landscape throughout the Central Valley. To support these efforts CVHN partners with its members on the following initiatives:

  • Health Corps AmeriCorps members are placed at several health center locations across our 20-county membership region.
  • Annual High School Health Care Career Conferences, “Growing Health Leaders,” are facilitated in multiple counties throughout the region
  • Annual attendance with members at the American Academy of Family Physicians conference for Medical Students and Residents
  • A monthly physician recruitment list is distributed to Family Practice Residency Programs across the country.
  • Leadership development and workforce innovation workshops are presented in-person and via webinar to member organizations.

Annual CVHN Leadership Conference

As Federally Qualified Health Centers, a significant number of CVHN members operate sites in Health Professions Shortage Areas that qualify for loan repayment programs.  These programs include:

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